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Jan 01, 1970 to Jan 01, 1970
04:00 pm to 04:10 pm (Refresher)

Missed Lessons / Cancelation Policy and Classes & Fees

  • Enrollment fee is non-refundable.
  • Please remember you are paying for a time slot for your child and you will need to block out nine (9) weeks on your calendar for your child to complete lessons. Some students may finish sooner, but extra time is allotted to account for inclement weather days, illnesses, etc.
  • During a session, there are invariably days when lessons are canceled because of inclement weather or student illness which adds lessons onto the end of the session.
  • Additionally, please refrain from scheduling vacation and/or voluntary absences during the 9 weeks blocked out for your child's lessons.
  • Prior to reserving a slot, please read the information regarding classes and fees here.